Discover the world’s most amazing collection of vaccine truth videos on this channel at

There’s a vaccine video channel we’ve discovered on that features 156 videos showcasing powerful interviews, presentations and talks on the dangers of vaccines.

The channel is called “Vaccines and Vaccination” and you can find it at this link on

Use an RSS reader to subscribe to the RSS feed for this channel at:

The channel includes powerful videos featuring Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Sharyl Attkisson and many more. See below for a small sampling of the many videos you’ll find there:

83 Cases Proved Vaccines Cause Autism

“Part 1: Introduction,” from Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ Six-Part Series Titled “Vaccines: Honesty vs. Policy”

The Influenza Vaccine: An Introduction, by Dr. Gary Foresman of Middle Path Medicine

See 156 videos about vaccines at this Vaccines and Vaccination channel on Also read for daily breaking news on vaccines and the systematic medical violence being committed against our children.

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